Saturday, August 23, 2008

Transport Allowance - Central Pay Commission

Transport Allowance Rates from the Sixth Central Pay Commission Report

  • In the revised scheme of pay scales, all the allowances and facilities will be governed by Grade Pay.
  • Physically disabled employees shall continue to draw this allowance at double the normal rates.
  • Employees in pay band PB-4 who are entitled to the use of official car for travel between residence and office may be given the option to draw transport allowance at a higher rate of Rs.7000 p.m. plus dearness allowance provided they give up the use of official car for travel between residence and office.
  • The existing condition which prohibits grant of Transport Allowance to the employees who have been provided with official accommodation within one Kilometer of the office is removed.
  • Other conditions regulating the grant of this allowance shall remain unchanged.
  • This, however, will be further subject to the condition that Transport Allowance in the case of physically disabled employees shall, in no case, be less than Rs.1000 per month plus the applicable rate of dearness allowance.
 The Commission recommends following Rates for Transport Allowance :